Hi and welcome to my Website!

My name is Ruth and I'm from Malaga (Spain), but I moved to London at the begining of 2010.

I have been involved in Lhasa Apsos for more than 25 years, when I felt in love with them from the moment i saw the first one. Ever since, I am a passionate of the breed and I have tried to learn everything i could about them. I am a lover of the breed, rather than a breeder.

My website wasnt designed to sell puppies, I have only bred 2 litters and it was hard enough letting some of my puppies go to their new homes! This website is rather to share with others my dogs and their showing careers, their pedigrees and pictures. I have had a few Lhasas through the years, however I dont keep many at the same time, as i think that each one needs its own special place, special care and as much love as we can give it! My dogs are my pets first, all live in the house, and although i occasionally show them this is not the "very end of our world". It is far more important to me that my dogs are happy, healthy and have good temperaments, anything else is a bonus. I dedicate my life to my dogs, so i can enjoy them as my friends and family members. They are like my children and i make sure to give them the very best of care, so i can enjoy sharing my life with them and showing them, wich is my hobby.

I wish to thank all the people who has help me throught the years, a special thank you to:

-Lyn Church (Askja Kennel), there is no words to thank you enough for everything you have always done for me. You took me under your wing and tought me everything you knew. You open your doors to me and my dogs and helped me with a fresh start and made me feel at home. I have learnt so much of you, not only about Lhasas, but about life. Thanks "my English mum". Love ya!

-Charlotte Wandborg (Crystal Eyes Kennel), thank you for your sincere friendship, your support and the good times at your house or travelling showing. Our friendship will be forever!

-Rocio & Carol, for your friendship, your advice, and for being always there when i needed you. And for babysitting my dogs when i needed, they love auntie Ro & auntie Carol!

-Jose Luis Velasco & Isa Agüero, for your unconditional support and your sincere friendship. It is not easy to find good friends like you in the dog world!

-Vicky Noble (Shiawandi), for everything that she has been kind enought to teach me, the good times we spent together at our homes or at dogshows, and for the wonderful dogs i have had from her kennel.

-Sylvia & Frank Van Tatenhove (El Minja's), for their hospitality and their advice, for the wonderful days we spent together, for everything they tought me and for entrust me with my treasured Digger.

-All the people who has a Lhasa from me, i know my "babies" have a very good life with love and care with their new families, i choose you because of that! You will be part of my family forever, and will have my help, support and advice.


...And thanks to YOU for visitting my website. Please, sign my guestbook and come back soon!




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