Born 16/09/02

Spanish Champion
Iinternacional Champion
Gibraltar Champion
Andalussian Champion
Gibraltar Junior Champion
BIS & BIG Winner



"Bambu" was the start of everything: my first Showdog, my first Champion. Extraordinary both as a showdog, also as a studdog, but most important as a companion dog. He made me so happy both in and outside the showring!

He also enjoyed doing Agility... hes not only a pretty face!!

Bambu had the true temperament of a Lhasa Apso: regal, serious, stubborn, but loving and caring.

He had the most beautiful head i have seen in an Apso, and the most beautiful expression, with a sweet and intelligent look. He was a lovely shape and mover too. We both enjoyed showing, and he did pretty well winnning Group placements and some BIS too!

Unfortunately, Bambu passed away at the age of 14. I miss him dearly... Sleep tight my dear Boo xxx


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