Before and After

Hercules - Before

No shape, a few knots and needing a conditioning treatment!


Hercules - After

Now he looks like a movie star, the cuttest dog at the vets!


Kadey - Before

She hasn´t been groom for months, therefor she had very long, matted hair, causing her being very hot and dundruff. She also had no shape!


Kadey - After

Having had a Full Groom and being scissored in a nice shape accord to her owner´s taste, she looks like a teddy bear now. You can tell how proud she is of herself posing here!


Graffit -Before

Feeling sorry for himself... Looking old, scruffy and dirty, and you wouln't even know what breed he was!


Graffit - After

A Full Groom, and now he looks like a handsome Scottish Terrier, and he also looks much younger!


Yuka - Before

Didnt even resemble a Westy! As you can see, she had not been groomed for a few months


Yuka -After

A Full Groom and a deep clean made her look white again, smelling lovely and a much happier dog


Toffee - Before

Again one that wasn´t groom for months, looked scruffy, sad and could have been confused with any mongroel!


Toffee - After

After a Full Groom with Handstripp, I found under all that fur a handsome Bruxellois!

Snowbell - Before

Actually, during the process... He wasnt a happy cat at all, with all the dead and matted coat on him!


Snowbell - After

After de-Matting and de-Shedding, now he feels so much better, softer and cleaner. No more hair on the carpet!


Bryan - Before

No shape, knots, scruffy and needing a good bath, Bryan really needed a change!


Bryan - After

Now he looks like a dream, clean, free of knots, and with a new stylish cut


Alfie - Before

Didn´t even resemble a Soft Weathen Coated Terrier, he was matted and scruffy!


Alfie - After

Now here he is, looking a lot smarter after a Full Groom and de-Matting!


Bear - Before

He hasnt been groomed for 2 years, he had plenty of dead fur causing him matts, skin problems and bad odour, also dropping lots of fur in the house.


Bear - After

After having a de-Matt and a de-Shed, and a bit of sccisoring work to tidy him up and give him a nice shape. He feels and smells so so much better and his skin is in the mend!


Pudgsey - Before

What a few months without being groomed made him look like...


Pudgsey -After

After a Full Groom... what a cuddly cutie Pudgsey is!


Bo - Before

Even though her fur is not too long she was matted solid due to haven´t been groomed at all in months!


Bo - After

After a Full Groom, a couple of hours dematting and scissoring her, she looks as sweet as she can be!


Chanita - Before

Old Chanita couldnt even see, and the knots were pulling her skin so badly that she was lame, bless her!


Chanita - After

Now she looks perfect, no more knots and her coat is all fluffy like cotton wool. Oh, and now she can see and even run about!


Kofi - Before

This sweet and funny little man had a very long coat with no shape, and his owner told me do not bother with stripping as his coat is too soft...


Kofi - After

He had a Full Groom and i thought i give it a go with Handstrip and I actually got a lovely harsh coat as the breed standar requires, apart of looking gorgeous!


Luna -Before

Looking dirty, greasy and scruffy, noone wanted to cuddle poor Luna!


Luna - After

She had a Full Groom, now she looks tidy and so much better after scissoring!


Coco - Before

He was all matted with lots of matted dead fur producing dundruf, bad smells, and toilet problems


Coco - After

He had a De-Shed, De-Matting and a bath, he is now smooth, clean and happy, no more hair around the house or a smelly bottom!


Hugo - Before

Screaming for a bath and being groomed, Hugo was in need of a Full Groom


Hugo - After

Here he is all finished, looking handsome, bright and whiter than ever!


Hercules - Before

Covered on that messy fur Herco didnt look anything special...


Hercules - After

It´s not easy to say he is the same dog after a Full Groom with scissoring!


Gucci - Before

This cute 4 months Cavapoo came to us for his first groom and he was very well behaved!

Gucci - After

After a Bath and Tidy up he looks even cuter. I made sure he enjoyed his time here so he will always be happy to come back!

Arthur - Before

Arthur is an outdoor Main Coon and even thought he has god a lovely live going out in the fields he gets quite matted and messy!

Arthur - After

After a de-Matt and a de-Shed, he looks and feels so much better now. Ready to go hunting again


Here you can see some of my clients after being groomed












































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