I have no puppies at the moment, but would like to share some photos of my past puppies with you.





Please, be assured that owners of my puppies will always have my continued support available. My puppies will only go to what i feel are excellent homes, future owners should be responsible and caring people, who can offer a home offering lifelong care, and who will treat the dog with kindness and consideration, who will train the dog to become a sensible member of their family, and who will treat them with love.

Before asking me for a puppy please be aware that i will make enquires regarding the type of enviroment the puppy will be going to, your other animals, your family and children, if you can offer us references this would be very much appreciated, my main concern is that the puppy i have raised with much care and consideration is going to the right home where people are aware of the responsabilities involved in long term dog ownership, and particulary the care needed with this breed.

I do not send puppies, new owners should come to pick up their puppies,

I do not supply puppies to dealers or pet shops and ask you to think carefully before considering buying a puppy from these places!




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