Born: 29/11/06



"Tibet" was a very special dog for me, and we suddenly lost him at the age of 4, far to young, in a terrible car accident.

He had the sweetest nature, everyone loved him because of his lovely temperament!

His conformation and movement was wonderful, he was a compact dog, had a good correct strong coat, and well placed shoulders, good neck, good angulations, beautiful tailset, the most beautiful head and the most sweetest expression you could wish for. His mouth was just perfect. He had only one problem he didnt like shows! So after only two shows i decided not to show him anymore as he wasnt enjoying it at all.

He was clipped down and rehomed with my dear uncle, who loved him more than his life. He shared the sofa with him, had a beautiful garden to play and used to go every day to the beach for a walk, what more could a dog ask for? They used to visit me every week as i adored Tibet, and he used to stay with me every now and then when my uncle traveled.

You will be very much missed Tibet, my lovely little man. Love you always.

Rest in peace xxx



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